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12 Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist

Product picture 12 Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist

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If you think it isnt easy going green? Think again!

Its Time To Abandon Frustration And Create Positive Change! YOU Can Be An Effective Environmentalist!

Its YOUR World. You CAN Protect And Improve It For Yourself And Future Generations.

This is whats happening right now:

* Mining companies are ripping off pristine mountaintops to strip out the coal. That coal will be burned, increasing dangerous greenhouse gases and creating acid rain.

* Manufacturers are pouring millions of gallons of toxic pollutants into water supplies upon which humans and animals rely.

* A car dealership is handing over the keys to a gas-guzzling SUV to another customer.

* A think-tank researcher is concocting crazed arguments in favor of oil drilling on currently-protected wildlands.

* Evidence is pointing toward unnatural and unprecedented global temperature increases that could wreak unlimited havoc.

* Previously undisturbed, ancient rainforests are being clear-cut at a sickening rate.

* Landfills are being stuffed with non-biodegradable garbage, leaving a legacy of pollution and waste for future generations.

* Those with vested financial interests and their purchased politicians are denying an environmental problem exists at all.

Thats a grim list and it barely even scratches the surface.

Soil erosion, poisonous food, ozone layer holes, carcinogenic pollutants, radon in our homes and a series of other threats are looming larger than ever.

Its sick, sad and frustrating. The world, it seems, is hurtling out of control toward an environmental doomsday and too many people are either completely oblivious to these problems or feel completely overwhelmed. They arent Senators. They dont run multinational companies. They dont have a workable solution to the crises. Theyre paralyzed in the face of an increasingly toxic world and dont know what to do.

You might be one of them. If youre reading this letter, however, youre probably a little bit different. Youre probably searching for a way out. Youre looking for a way to make a difference. You dont want to just sit on the sidelines while the world sinks deeper into environmental chaos.

You might not know what to do, but you understand that you must do something...
You can!

I wont tell you that you can single-handedly shut down every polluter and solve every aspect of the environmental meta-crisis. I will, however, assure you that you can make a VERY real difference.

If we have any hope in the face of this serious set of circumstances, it lies in our ability to effectively mobilize ourselves and others to effect positive social change.
Feeling bad about endangered species or global warming isnt enough. Buying a copy of An Inconvenient Truth on DVD wont put an end to a carbon-based economy.

If you care about the world and want to make it a better place, you need to take action. You need to be part of the only possible solution. You need to stop being just another concerned individual and become part of the growing environmental movement.
Its time to become an environmentalist.

Twelve Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist is a new guide to becoming a voice of reason capable of standing out in the chorus of environmental destruction.
Its a must-read handbook for anyone who wants to become part of something meaningful, rewarding and absolutely essential.

Give your concern about the environment a new layer of meaning...give yourself the power to make a real difference. Thats what Twelve Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist is all about.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in Twelve Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist:

* Educating yourself about environmental problems and solutions.

* Finding others with whom to work for a better world.

* Understanding the media and using it to aid in your environmental cause.

* Using the political process to improve the environment.

* Living a greener, less destructive life and becoming a walking example of a better way.

* And Much, Much, Much More...

Consider everything you already know about the environment and the massive challenges current policies and actions pose to our very existence. What is the world going to look like in ten years if nothing changes? What will it be like in twenty years? Will it be here at all in fifty years?

You already know whats going to happen if you and others fail to take action on behalf of our ecosphere.

Now, consider what might be possible if you and others like you learn how to be effective advocates for a better way of life.

Twelve Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist will show you how to take the next step. Twelve Easy Steps to Become a Highly Effective Environmentalist is your guide to becoming a more active, responsible and effective force for good.

You dont need to be intimidated.

You dont need to be overwhelmed.

You just need to take action because...


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