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Finding Love and Living Happily Ever After

Product picture Finding Love and Living Happily Ever After

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Why Be Lucky In Love When You Can Be Smart? Now You Can Learn Real, Honest Ways To Keep And Find The Love Of Your Life!

There is one thing that ALL of us have in common...we want to find that perfect someone. And once we find Mr. or Ms. Right, we want to keep them with us for a lifetime!

Happily Ever After will help you go from keeping your fingers crossed in hopes of being lucky in love to learning how to really find and maintain the love of a lifetime.

Its true. Not all relationships work. Those that are based on strong principles and a good understanding of the human condition, however, are far more likely to stand the test of time than those based on convenience or cheap tricks.

Sometimes, it seems unfair. Others are in love. Others are happy. Why cant all of us experience that euphoria? What is holding those who spend their nights alone and their afternoons daydreaming of a perfect partner from experiencing success in love? Why does it have to be so hard?

It doesnt. With the right perspective, finding and keeping the perfect partner is possible for everyone.

Look, there is no magic solution that will turn the next frog you see into a dedicated and loving prince or princess. There is no magic pickup line you can use to find a spouse. If you are looking for a foolproof way of finding the man or woman of your dreams tomorrow, you will be looking forever.

There is, however, a way to find someone who matters and who will continue to give life an additional layer of meaning for years to come. There are lessons you can learn and tips you can follow that will make finding your soul mate easier.

And after you find that once in a lifetime love, there are ways to make the relationship work and last. Love can be forever, if it is approached in the right way.

You may doubt your ability to find Mr. or Ms. Right. You might find it unlikely that you have what it takes to discover the deep happiness a loving relationship can provide. you have tried and you havent been successful. You are, quite simply unlucky in love, right?

Wrong. The only thing that may be standing between you and a lifetime of romantic happiness is an understanding of what makes relationships really work and why those methods are so successful.

Happily Ever After provides you with that essential information and perspective. This one-of-a-kind ebook is the honest look at love and romance for which you have been waiting. It provides you with tips and directions on finding your life partner and then goes to a higher level, providing valuable lessons in how to nurture and grow your relationship.

Happily Ever After covers:

* Why love starts at home!

* The best places to find potential partners!

* How to avoid the dangers of rebound relationships!

* Nonverbal signals that can let you know when that special someone is interested in you!

* Whether living together is really a good idea for you!

* The essential virtues you need to find an keep a lifetime love!

* How to keep lines of communication opening and functioning to improve your relationship!

* How to keep things fun and exciting long after the honeymoon is officially over!


As you can see, this is not some little ten-page report filled with a simple list of silly pick up lines and bogus seduction techniques. This is a fresh and honest look at relationships and love from which everyone can benefit.

Happily Ever After covers scores of issues related to love and romance. It discusses everything from what you really need before looking for a mate to how to maintain wedded bliss years after the honeymoon is over. This incredible, comprehensive ebook is a completely unique take on issues that mean so much to all of us...matters of the heart!

Isnt it time you stopped thinking that everyone else but you is lucky in love?

Why not give yourself the knowledge and perspective that will take you from feeling unlucky in love to understanding how and why relationships work?

Get your copy of Happily Ever After NOW...

PLEASE NOTE: This product is in PDF format, however, the download file is in ZIP format.
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